• Use on metal, magnetic, and flat, smooth surfaces
  • Thoroughly clean surface before installing
  • Our Magnets will not damage vehicle paint with proper use
  • Temporary and removable
  • Works with: cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, fleet vehicles, etc.
  • For maximum adhesion and longevity, remove and clean daily
  • Installation and care instructions must be followed closely

Car Magnets are custom printed on magnetic material that measures about 0.030″ thick.These thick and durable magnets are firm and rugged for ideal outdoor use. Our custom car signs are made from high quality magnetic sheeting and printed with UV curable inks.

Please Note: Magnetic signs can become stiff in cold weather or locations and may not properly grip the vehicle panels. Please use caution when using your magnets in these conditions. If placing or repositioning magnetic signs on a vehicle under cold conditions, doing so in a heated garage is recommended. The vehicle should be given time to reach room temperature before applying, removing, or repositioning magnetic signs.